Providing Comfortable Amenities and Facilities to our Students.

We Continuously try to produce Effective Facilities for our Students. With Our sturdy Offerings, we have a tendency to cowl All the Aspects that may facilitate build a Student's Life Comfortable and Productive.


We pay attention to the travel safety of our students. With a fleet of buses with adequate seats, we have a tendency to guarantee each student gets comfortable seating throughout their journey. Our buses meet all the specified government regulation standards and have well-trained drivers.


Our sports department is managed by qualified and competent instructors who design a sports curriculum that improves mental strength, concentration, physical conditioning and coordination, strategic and tactical planning and of course, teamwork.


Each Section has a library that is a storehouse of knowledge for different age groups. To encourage reading and to make the experience even more delightful, we provide our younger students with reading corners. The library has been given a modern touch with to make reading more fun for the students.


Our well-equipped labs are a testament to our belief in learning by doing. From practical experiments to other activities, these labs promote an activity-based approach to make learning more stimulating.